Vision & Mission


The primary aim of the school is to unleash hidden potential of your little blooming child. The school provides avenues to develop the student(s) ability to think through various situation independently. We are proud to state that our students will serve their respective field smartly, while being ethically deep-rooted and morally upright.


Sacred Heart School’s mission is to empower each student to recognize and optimize his full potential by fostering a family environment where educational, social and emotional needs are addressed through a holistic programme, offered by the partnership accorded by staff, students and the community at large.

Our mission is to provide valued learning experiences which make a difference to the quality of human resource and this we shall provide through operational excellence and support.


In a caring and positive environment, Sacred Heart School provides education to empower its students to recognize and optimize their full potential to achieve personal standards of excellence in academics as well as in supportive areas of physical, cultural and social development, inculcating civic and human values.

•  The Sacred Heart School has a clear-cut vision:

•  To continue expanding and exploring, locally and globally and be a knowledge leader and content provider.

•  To muster strategies to become a global epicenter of knowledge, culture, skills, technology, research and service.

•  To empower women through education.


a) To impart quality education along with moral values to face this competitive world.

b) To develop qualities of leadership, self respect and human values.

c) To inculcate discipline, self dependence, excellent character and respect for all.

d) To produce ideal citizens with excellent competence, high moral values and commitment for society and the nation.