Our school library is a space where curiosity takes flight, where stories unfold, and where knowledge blooms. It is a place of wonder and inspiration, where students are encouraged to explore the world and expand their minds. Join us in this journey of discovery, and let the library be your guide as you venture into the vast realm of knowledge, imagination, and wisdom.

The school has a well stacked library with more than 16000 fiction & nonfiction books, magazines and periodicals, text books & reference books covering a number of subjects. Students are encouraged to spend most of their spare time in the library to refine their reading habits and to make reading a hobby.

In addition to a haven of books, our library provides a tranquil environment for study and contemplation. Equipped with comfortable seating and study nooks, it offers students a conducive space for focused learning and self-discovery. Whether preparing for competitive exams like NEET, IIT/JEE, CLAT, Engineering, UPSC or diving into research, the library provides a peaceful retreat for academic pursuits.

Book Bank Facility

In addition to our regular lending services, our library is proud to offer a Book Bank facility. The Book Bank is a special section where students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds can borrow textbooks and reference materials for the entire academic year. This initiative ensures that every student has access to the necessary study materials, regardless of their financial circumstances, thus fostering a level playing field for learning and academic success.

Children are motivated to do the following activities

01. Creating / compiling books.

02. Enactment on the stories.

03. Creating own stories.

04. Book review / Summary.

05. Critical evaluation of the books.

06. Book Discussion.

07. Literature quiz.

08. Book cover and mark.

09. Solving puzzles.

10. Character description.

11. Finding similar text in other languages. 

We believe in nurturing a reading culture that transcends the boundaries of the classroom. Our library hosts reading programs, book clubs, and literary events that encourage students to share their love for reading. These initiatives foster a sense of community and spark meaningful discussions among fellow book enthusiasts.